Our Proposition
Understanding the essence of brand.
We make things come alive.

Our Values

These values drive our daily behaviours. They illuminate working in partnership with Koto and the clarity we will bring. They are distinct by design, reflecting our understanding of the complexity in building successful brands today.

Uncompromising Positivity

We believe in the power of the ‘Beginners Mind’ — a Zen attitude of openness, eagerness and a lack of preconceptions. By being uncompromising in our positivity, we search for the best solution, we question everything, we deliver.

Just Cadence

Cadence comes from acknowledging the need for rhythm from the beginning, from a creative ignition that can be chaotic and requires your trust, through to the diligence and agile reactivity of delivery. A rhythm built on experience, intelligence and doing the right thing.

Relentless Hustle

We never start with the answer, design is hard work and re-invention is required. Set backs will happen and the unknown should be embraced. We harness infectious energy, built on huge collective experience and a talent to achieve the right results. We want to be the best.

koto_cs_airbnb_open_sl001 koto_cs_airbnb_open_mobile_slide01

OPEN LA 2016: A Festival of Hosting

Working in collaboration with the Airbnb Art Department, we created the identity for Airbnb’s annual event Open. The identity is a key part of the evolution of the conference to a more participatory festival, one of travel, hospitality and belonging. A festival which opens minds to the possibilities of magical travel experiences.

koto_cs_airbnb_open_sl002 koto_cs_airbnb_open_mobile_slide02

Magic LA

Beyond the Hollywood clichés, LA is a city of complex cultures and communities that offer endless experiences. This was the perfect location for Airbnb to celebrate the next stage in its journey. A magical moment of transformation for the brand, set amongst a city bathed in sunlight, rich sunsets and bright lights.

koto_cs_airbnb_open_sl010_v2 koto_cs_airbnb_open_mobile_slide03
koto_cs_airbnb_open_sl004 koto_cs_airbnb_open_sl004
koto_cs_airbnb_open_sl005 koto_cs_airbnb_open_mobile_slide04

Celebrating Downtown

We created five custom typefaces inspired by found typography within Downtown LA. This type was combined with skyline-inspired gradients, creating a series of rich multi-hued palettes. Everything was signed off with the AO neon logo, which nods to Downtown LA as the first neon sign location in the USA.

koto_cs_airbnb_open_photography_08 koto_cs_airbnb_open_sl024_mobile
koto_cs_airbnb_open_sl008 Koto_CS_Airbnb_Open_Flow_v2_Mobile
koto_cs_airbnb_open_sl009 koto_cs_airbnb_open_sl009
koto_cs_airbnb_open_sl003 koto_cs_airbnb_open_mobile_slide07
koto_cs_airbnb_open_sl011_v2 koto_cs_airbnb_open_sl011_v2
koto_cs_airbnb_open_sl012 koto_cs_airbnb_open_mobile_slide08
koto_cs_airbnb_open_sl007 koto_cs_airbnb_open_mobile_slide09
koto_cs_airbnb_open_sl014 koto_cs_airbnb_open_mobile_slide10
koto_cs_airbnb_open_sl015 koto_cs_airbnb_open_mobile_slide11
koto_cs_airbnb_open_sl016 koto_cs_airbnb_open_mobile_slide12
koto_cs_airbnb_open_sl017_v3 koto_cs_airbnb_open_mobile_animation_hd
koto_cs_airbnb_open_sl018 koto_cs_airbnb_open_mobile_slide14
koto_cs_airbnb_open_sl019_v2 koto_cs_airbnb_open_mobile_slide15

Thank you

This identity was created working in great collaboration with Sally Carmichael, Derek Chan, James Goode and the Art Department at Airbnb. All photography is by David Elliot.

trips_opening_slide_hd trips_opening_slide_mobile_hd

Welcome to the world of trips

We worked with the Airbnb team to evolve the brand, as part of the journey of moving Airbnb beyond the home. Homes, experiences and places form the core of the new app launch, supporting the brand in its goal of owning end-to-end travel.

Living Brand

For the launch, hosts worked with us to create over 400 immersive experiences posters. Each poster is a brand of its own, a cinematic experience that reflects the character of its host and the world their experiences take you into.

poster_grid_white_hd koto_cs_airbnb_trips_sl003_mobile
koto_cs_airbnb_trips_photography_02 koto_cs_airbnb_trips_photography_02

Product First

We worked extensively with the product and brand teams across 2016. As a team we collectively turned a compelling travel evolution idea, into a real product and brand, running across all their channels.

koto_cs_mobile_showcase_v2_hd koto_cs_airbnbtrips_posters_in_product_hd
koto_cs_airbnbtrips_howtoposter_v3 koto_cs_airbnbtrips_howto_poster_mobile
koto_cs_airbnb_trips_sl009 koto_cs_airbnb_trips_sl009_mobile

Modern Icons

In the past, travel agents sold you grand locations through iconic posters. We’ve brought this idea up to date, commissioning twelve local artists, one in each of the launch locations. The result is a series of unique and evocative posters, reflecting the diversity of each city.

koto_cs_airbnb_trips_city_posters_12 city_poster_grid_mobile_hd
koto_cs_airbnb_trips_sl018_hd koto_cs_airbnbtrips_grads_in_product_mobile_v2
koto_cs_airbnb_trips_photography_03 koto_cs_airbnb_trips_photography_03

Thank you

Alex and all in the product team, Jonathan and all in marketing, Bokeh and all of our illustrators; Kirsten Sims, James Noellert, Ray Oranges, Andrea Nguyen, Edel Rodriguez, Karan Singh, Daun Ju, Alex Asfour, Andrew Nye, Andrew Holder, Quentin Monge and Monica Obaga.


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