Our Proposition
Understanding the essence of brand.
We make things come alive.

Our Values

These values drive our daily behaviours. They illuminate working in partnership with Koto and the clarity we will bring. They are distinct by design, reflecting our understanding of the complexity in building successful brands today.

Uncompromising Positivity

We believe in the power of the ‘Beginners Mind’ — a Zen attitude of openness, eagerness and a lack of preconceptions. By being uncompromising in our positivity, we search for the best solution, we question everything, we deliver.

Just Cadence

Cadence comes from acknowledging the need for rhythm from the beginning, from a creative ignition that can be chaotic and requires your trust, through to the diligence and agile reactivity of delivery. A rhythm built on experience, intelligence and doing the right thing.

Relentless Hustle

We never start with the answer, design is hard work and re-invention is required. Set backs will happen and the unknown should be embraced. We harness infectious energy, built on huge collective experience and a talent to achieve the right results. We want to be the best.

Fanta-Artboard02-100 Fanta-Mobile-002

A new playful, natural Fanta

Working in collaboration with the Coca-Cola design team, we re-imagined the Fanta global visual identity. Built on the bold, vibrant and fruity taste of Fanta, we hand-constructed the new logo out of paper and then re-created it in digital form, while simultaneously building the rest of the brand around the visual approach.

fanta-artboard01-100 Fanta-Mobile-001
fanta-artboard04-100 Fanta-Mobile-004

One brand, many languages

Fanta is one of the world’s most widely recognised and best-loved beverage brands, so our work had to translate seamlessly into different languages. This meant testing our custom approach to Latin typography by recreating it in the letterforms and logograms of Japanese, Thai, Amharic, Korean and Arabic.

Fanta-Artboard05-100-v2 Fanta-Mobile-005
fanta-artboard06-100 Fanta-Mobile-006
fanta-artboard07-100 Fanta-Mobile-007

More than an orange

Fanta comes in a seemingly endless selection of flavours globally, reflecting every corner of the world. We created 42 handcrafted fruit depictions, getting to know our pomelos from our guaranas in the process.

fanta-artboard08-100 Fanta-Mobile-09-006

Three new faces

Working closely with London type foundry Colophon, we created a bespoke three weight Fanta typeface drawn from the bold, vibrant brand. This will appear everywhere the brand does.

Fanta-Artboard011-100-v2 Fanta-Mobile-010
Fanta-Artboard015-100-v2 Fanta-Mobile-011
Fanta-Artboard016-100-v4 Web
Koto_CS_Hometree_Desktop-1-v3 Koto_CS_Hometree_Mobile-1

Can boilers be less boring?

In theory, we all want to reduce our energy bills and live more sustainably. In reality, we don’t know where to start. Now Hometree is shaking up the home energy market with a service model that bridges the gap between local cowboys and national providers – and we’ve created a radically different brand to match.

Separating the tree from the woods

We introduced a bold symbol to position Hometree apart in the market. Capturing the continuous flow of energy synthesised by trees, it puts Hometree’s sustainability and technological credentials front and centre in everything they do.

Koto_CS_Hometree_Desktop-2-v2 Koto_CS_Hometree_Mobile-7

Change the pixel to change the picture

Amazing things can happen if we all start small. So to convince customers and kickstart grassroots change, we’ve created a brand that works just as well at the local level as it does at the national. Striking a chord through a voice that’s friendly, honest and opinionated (just like your local Hometree boiler expert) alongside relatable real-life photography.

Koto_CS_Hometree_Desktop-9 Koto_CS_Hometree_Mobile-15
Koto_CS_Hometree_Desktop-6-v2 Koto_CS_Hometree_Mobile-16
Koto_CS_Hometree_Desktop-28 Koto_CS_Hometree_Mobile-17
Koto_CS_Hometree_Desktop-29 Koto_CS_Hometree_Mobile-18
Koto_CS_Hometree_Desktop-10-v3 Koto_CS_Hometree_Mobile-19-v2

Amping up the power

In contrast to Hometree’s coldly corporate competitors, we’ve chosen a more fluid approach through a wave of energy that brings warmth and unity to all Hometree applications. Reflecting the continuous flow and evolution of energy, it ties everything together to build recognition and presence.

Koto_CS_Hometree_Desktop-25-v2 Koto_CS_Hometree_Mobile-20
Koto_CS_Hometree_Desktop-19-v2 Koto_CS_Hometree_Mobile-21
Artboard 4 Koto_CS_Hometree_Mobile-22
Koto_CS_Hometree_Desktop-26-v2 Koto_CS_Hometree_Mobile-23
Bridge-CS-Desktop_ 1 Bridge-CS-Mobile 1

Bold popular theatre

Bridge Theatre is the first commercial theatre to be built in London for over 50 years. Founded by the well-renowned Sir Nicholas Hytner and Nick Starr, the revolutionary space will be the home to a wide variety of shows and events.

Bridge-CS-Desktop_ 2 Bridge-CS-Mobile 2
Bridge-CS-Desktop_ 3 Bridge-CS-Mobile 3

A bright light

The new logo is built around a simple icon we call ‘Beam’. Named after a piece of theatre lighting terminology, this bridge like mechanic stays static in position, across logo formats, and becomes the instant icon at the centre of the whole identity.

Bridge-CS-Desktop_-16v2 Bridge-CS-Mobile 4_v2
Bridge-CS-Desktop_ 5 Bridge-CS-Mobile_v2 5
Bridge-CS-Desktop_-14v2 Bridge-CS-Mobile_v2 13
Bridge-CS-Desktop_ 15 Bridge-CS-Mobile 12
ridge-CS-Desktop_-6v2 Bridge-CS-Mobile 6_v2

The first season

For the theatre’s debut season we’ve created all the campaign materials for three shows. All very different in their narrative and style, each is given its own distinctive art direction. We worked with the photographer Chris Mosey on shooting well known actors including Ben Whishaw, David Calder and Rory Kinnear

Bridge_CS_Desktop_7v3 Bridge-CS-Mobile 7
Bridge-CS-Desktop_ 8 Bridge-CS-Mobile 8

Bringing the stage to life

The theatre will commission and produce both new shows and classics. As a space for physical experience we have built a depth into the brand across the various outputs, reflecting the dimensional nature of theatre so many other identities miss. 

Bridge-CS-Desktop_ 9 Bridge-CS-Mobile 9
Bridge-CS-Desktop_ 11 Bridge-CS-Mobile 11
Bridge-CS-Desktop_ 12_v3 Bridge-CS-Mobile 14
Bridge-CS-Desktop_ 13 Bridge-CS-Mobile 15


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