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Working together with Pride

As part of Koto’s ongoing collaboration with PayPal, the team created a global design standard for PayPal Pride events worldwide. Together with their brand team, we built an identity as unique as each of us, to unite us all in celebration of our differences.

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One community, one flag

As a shorthand for Pride, nothing is more iconic than Gilbert Baker’s rainbow flag, a LGBTQ mainstay for over 40 years. With the creative idea, ‘Standing Together’, we put the flag at the centre of our brand identity; a focal point for the entire PayPal community to rally around.

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Marching together

The identity is a bold statement of diversity, anchored by inclusivity: perfect for a community that has celebrated difference from day one. Combining the rainbow flag with the PayPal monogram produced 252 individual variants – a symbolic representation of everyone coming together to celebrate Pride.

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Love wins

For a genuinely democratic identity, we created numerous brand touchpoints that PayPal Pride attendees could own as a community. Temporary tattoos, branded flags, rideable floats, and t-shirts to create a sense of belonging at Pride parades from London and Dublin to Paris and San Francisco.

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