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Our Values

These values drive our daily behaviours. They illuminate working in partnership with Koto and the clarity we will bring. They are distinct by design, reflecting our understanding of the complexity in building successful brands today.

Uncompromising Positivity

We believe in the power of the ‘Beginners Mind’ — a Zen attitude of openness, eagerness and a lack of preconceptions. By being uncompromising in our positivity, we search for the best solution, we question everything, we deliver.

Just Cadence

Cadence comes from acknowledging the need for rhythm from the beginning, from a creative ignition that can be chaotic and requires your trust, through to the diligence and agile reactivity of delivery. A rhythm built on experience, intelligence and doing the right thing.

Relentless Hustle

We never start with the answer, design is hard work and re-invention is required. Set backs will happen and the unknown should be embraced. We harness infectious energy, built on huge collective experience and a talent to achieve the right results. We want to be the best.

Our Relationships

We pride ourselves on being sector agnostic, working with businesses of all scales from start-ups to the world’s biggest brands globally.

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Plus_CS_Desktop_01_Q100 Artboard 1_Q

A new tier of homes from Airbnb

Airbnb has spent the past decade working towards its vision of a world where anyone can belong anywhere. Over 300 million trips later and it’s launching Airbnb Plus: a new tier of homes that have been personally verified for quality and comfort. Not only does this broaden Airbnb’s appeal to even more guests, but it also allows the business to recognise those hosts who go above and beyond in their outstanding hospitality.

Plus_CS_Desktop_02_Q35 Plus_CS_Desktop_02_Q35
Airbnb-Plus-Logo-Artwork Airbnb-Plus-Logo-Artwork

Beautiful homes. Exceptional hosts. Verified for quality.

The Airbnb Plus identity reflects the consideration that goes into each of these properties, which have to be verified in person against a 100+ point checklist. Hand-drawn design elements convey the hosts’ personal touches and the human care that goes into each home, while providing Airbnb with a distinctive graphic approach to listing curated amenities.

Plus_CS_Desktop_03_Q40 Plus_CS_Desktop_03_Q40
Airbnb-Plus-Graphic_Language_Artwork Airbnb-Plus-Graphic_Language_Artwork

Taking the brand to a new level

The launch of Airbnb Plus sees a new colour – Olin – introduced into the Airbnb palette. It’s a paper-like natural texture that complements the human, handwritten qualities of the overall identity. This has been paired with a focused use of the primary Airbnb colour palette, while hand-authored amenities icons by the illustrator Yu Nagaba add to the warm welcome.

Plus_CS_Desktop_04_Q90 Artboard 2_Q
Plus_CS_Desktop_05_Q55 Plus_CS_Desktop_05_Q55
Plus_CS_Desktop_06_Q35 Plus_CS_Desktop_06_Q35
Plus_CS_Desktop_14-100-v2 Artboard 3-100_v2
Plus_CS_Desktop_09_Q25 Plus_CS_Desktop_09_Q25
Plus_CS_Desktop_12_Q35 Plus_CS_Desktop_12_Q35
Plus_CS_Desktop_10_Q65 Artboard-6_Q-06
Plus_CS_Desktop_11_Q45 Plus_CS_Desktop_11_Q45
Plus_CS_Desktop_13_Q35 Artboard-7_Q-06_Q65
Koto_CS_Obby_Desktop-01 (1) Koto_CS_Obby_Mobile-01

Rethink learning with Obby

With passionate teachers and inspiring environments, Obby is on a mission to get everyone to rethink learning. The platform supports a fast-expanding range of subjects, from ceramics right through to butchery. These aren’t tedious evening classes or throwaway one-off ‘experiences.’ Each class is properly hands-on. Not only do you learn something, you have a good time while you’re at it.

Koto_CS_Obby_Desktop-02 Koto_CS_Obby_Mobile-02
Character_HR_CS_05_IS_Vertical_optimised Character_HR_CS_05_IS_Vertical_optimised
Koto_CS_Obby_Desktop-03 Koto_CS_Obby_Mobile-03
Koto_CS_Obby_Desktop-04 Koto_CS_Obby_Mobile-04
Koto_CS_Obby_Desktop-05 Koto_CS_Obby_Mobile-05
Koto_CS_Obby_Desktop-06 (Studio Koto's conflicted copy 2018-07-19) Koto_CS_Obby_Mobile-06
Koto_CS_Obby_Desktop-07 Koto_CS_Obby_Desktop-07

Where passion meets expertise

Anyone with the right knowledge of a subject can join Obby’s pool of teachers, and those eager to learn can take one of their classes. The new identity celebrates this vibrant community of talented, interested people. It centres on an illustration style that shows Obby teachers passing on their skills and love for their subject. This also acts as a useful system for categorising and showcasing the thousands of classes on offer.

Koto_CS_Obby_Desktop-09 Koto_CS_Obby_Desktop-09
Koto_CS_Obby_Desktop-08 Koto_CS_Obby_Mobile-07
Koto_CS_Obby_Desktop-10 Koto_CS_Obby_Desktop-10
Koto_CS_Obby_Desktop-11 (Studio Koto's conflicted copy 2018-07-19) Koto_CS_Obby_Mobile-10
Koto_CS_Obby_Desktop-12 Koto_CS_Obby_Mobile-11
Koto_CS_Obby_Desktop-13 Koto_CS_Obby_Mobile-12
Koto_CS_Obby_Desktop-14 Koto_CS_Obby_Mobile-13

A hands-on identity system

The new brand is bold, energised and focused. It avoids all sense of worthiness or seriousness that often accompanies adult learning, while still feeling both accessible and expert. An identity system based on badges keeps people coming back for more – motivating them to hone their skills in a particular subject or to try something else entirely. Each experience is further brought to life though eye-catching online guides and high-quality photography of real classes taking place. Thanks to Max, Tom and the rest of the team at Obby.

Koto_Artwork_Paws_Plus_CS_Desktop_01_v4 Koto_Artwork_Paws_Mob-01

Celebrating healthier, happier pets

Paws is an online store that offers fully personalised pet care. Every pet has its own unique needs that change over the course of its life. But, without the right information or choice available to them, their owners end up defaulting to basic off-the-shelf supermarket products. Our visual and verbal identity pays tribute to all our fun, silly, individual, joyful pets – for a brand as unique as they are.

Koto_Artwork_Paws_Plus_CS_Desktop_03_v4 Koto_Artwork_Paws_Mob-02_v2
Koto_Artwork_Paws_Plus_CS_Desktop_04_v4 Koto_Artwork_Paws_Plus_CS_Desktop_04_v4

A brand full of life

Owning a pet will make you happier, fact. So all the elements of the Paws identity work together to communicate this positivity – the amazing moments we share with our pets. Warm colours combine with art direction that shows healthy breeds in dignified, natural poses.

Koto_Artwork_Paws_Plus_CS_Desktop_09_v3 Koto_Artwork_Paws_Plus_CS_Desktop_09_v3
Koto_Artwork_Paws_Plus_CS_Desktop_10_v3 Koto_Artwork_Paws_Mob-04
Koto_Artwork_Paws_Plus_CS_Desktop_11_v3 Koto_Artwork_Paws_Plus_CS_Desktop_11_v3
Koto_Artwork_Paws_Plus_CS_Desktop_13_v4 Koto_Artwork_Paws_Mob-05
Koto_Artwork_Paws_Plus_CS_Desktop_16_v4 Koto_Artwork_Paws_Mob-06_v2
Koto_Artwork_Paws_Plus_CS_Desktop_17_v4 Koto_Artwork_Paws_Plus_CS_Desktop_17_v4

Thank you

This identity was created in collaboration with Neil, Chris and San from Paws. Illustrations by Matt Blease.

Fanta-Artboard02-100 Fanta-Mobile-002

A new playful, natural Fanta

Working in collaboration with the Coca-Cola design team, we re-imagined the Fanta global visual identity. Built on the bold, vibrant and fruity taste of Fanta, we hand-constructed the new logo out of paper and then re-created it in digital form, while simultaneously building the rest of the brand around the visual approach.

fanta-artboard01-100 Fanta-Mobile-001

One brand, many languages

Fanta is one of the world’s most widely recognised and best-loved beverage brands, so our work had to translate seamlessly into different languages. This meant testing our custom approach to Latin typography by recreating it in the letterforms and logograms of Japanese, Thai, Amharic, Korean and Arabic.

Fanta-Artboard05-100-v2 Fanta-Mobile-005
fanta-artboard06-100 Fanta-Mobile-006
fanta-artboard07-100 Fanta-Mobile-007

More than an orange

Fanta comes in a seemingly endless selection of flavours globally, reflecting every corner of the world. We created 42 handcrafted fruit depictions, getting to know our pomelos from our guaranas in the process.

fanta-artboard08-100 Fanta-Mobile-09-006

Not just a pretty face

Working closely with London type foundry Colophon, we created a bespoke three weight Fanta typeface drawn from the bold, vibrant brand. To round it off, we hand-drew 56 fruit-based emojis for Fanta’s own twist on these globally recognised symbols

Fanta-Artboard011-100-v2 Fanta-Mobile-010
Koto_CS_Fanta_Flow-17 Koto_CS_Fanta_Flow-17
Koto_CS_Fanta_Flow-18 Koto_CS_Fanta_Flow-18
Fanta-Artboard015-100-v2 Fanta-Mobile-011
Fanta-Artboard016-100-v4 Web

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